Serafin Group achieves revenue milestone of 1 billion Euros with its acquisition of French VTF by its portfolio company suki

The suki group (, Facido, DBM.S) has acquired the French group VT Fastware (Vynex, Tréfilaction, FTV-Asia). Both suki group and VTF are active in the distribution of DIY products. These include hardware, hand tools, self-adhesives and other DIY essentials.

VTF is the leading French provider of product solutions, merchandise presentation as well as logistics and in-store services for DIY stores, supermarkets and professional hardware stores. With a team of 300 people VTF has a turnover of 85 million Euros. VTF is based in Thelonne in the north-east of France together with Vynex while Tréfilaction is based near Nîmes in the South of France. The VTF group also includes a trading organisation, packaging and logistics centres in Asia (China and Vietnam).

Sebastian Laus, CEO of suki group, announced, “I’m happy to welcome VTF in the growing suki group. The acquisition of VTF is a unique opportunity for the future of the two groups. Together, we will be even better able to serve our customers in different regions and sales channels.” 

Following this acquisition Serafin Group has reached the next milestone in its corporate development. The diversified industrial group now exceeds 1 billion Euros in revenues.

Serafin’s founder Philipp Haindl says, “The acquisition is strategically important for suki, since both companies complement each other excellently. Moreover, the M&A transaction is significant for Serafin because we have successfully achieved the 1 billion Euros revenue milestone. Our Group is well positioned to continue its trajectory of profitable growth in the coming years.”

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