For the joy of taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility means deciding and acting in a consistent way that enables us to achieve our goals while representing what we stand for. Hence, responsibility is a basic prerequisite for entrepreneurial success – and for us, these two belong together: success and responsibility.

„We enjoy taking responsibility because it is fulfilling for us to tackle business and social challenges, and to shape them for the better.“
Dr. Dominik Socher, Managing Director

Continuous improvement is the purpose of our actions. It is what we strive for and what we are fully committed towards when it comes to our entrepreneurial responsibility. Our goal is not to be perfect but to enjoy the process of enhancing our group companies day by day. With this in mind, we focus on the future with curiosity and confidence, and make use of our opportunities and creative potential. This also applies with regard to the society in which we live in and are successful in. As was the case for Haindl’sche Papierfabriken, responsibility always has a social dimension for the culture of our group. We live up to it – for example by supporting social projects and initiatives.


Success is a question of drive and intrinsic motivation. Our drive derives from the joy that comes from jointly acting and getting things done. We are convinced that challenges can be overcome more quickly and potential can be better utilised if all those involved come together and dedicate themselves to the task at hand, while embracing the joy of doing it together. This enables impulses for new growth time and time again.


We set ambitious goals, foremost for ourselves. We strive for excellence knowing that continuous improvement is necessary and meaningful. This does not necessarily mean achieving specific targets, but striving for goal-oriented progress. With this attitude, we proceed. That is our aspiration.


Successful cooperation requires interaction on an equal footing. That is why at Serafin we attach great importance to open and unprejudiced interactions with each other and with all our stakeholders. We are convinced that long-term successful cooperation requires mutual respect and appreciation.

The Serafin Foundation

We established the Serafin Foundation as a non-profit limited liability company (“gemeinnützige GmbH”) in 2016. The foundation supports projects in the fields of art and culture, education, science, health and sport that are committed to children, young people and young adults. Through the targeted support of recognised non-profit associations in the Munich area and throughout Germany, we strengthen the role of children and young people in society and enable new perspectives for them.

Artists for Kids

Balu und Du

Die Arche

Gesellschaft macht Schule

Nymphenburger Sommer


IMAL – International Munich Art Lab