The joys of a profession.

Following a profession means continuously developing oneself and being able to unfold one’s own potential. Serafin offers ideal conditions for this purpose. We pursue individual development paths instead of relying on rigid performance criteria and career paths that are carved in stone. Trust, personal responsibility and appreciation characterise the way in which we work together. This is how we create motivating conditions – as an individual in challenging roles as well as in teams.


What drives us at Serafin is the joy of getting things done. This applies to each and every one of us as well as jointly as a team. In order to move the group forward, we rely on sustainable commitment and entrepreneurial responsibility. This results in challenging tasks and a variety of opportunities for everyone to get involved.


Becoming better and doing better is our aspiration. This is how we promote the group, each of our companies and all those who contribute to it. We are convinced that our employees know best where their strengths lie and which ones they would like to enhance. As a result, we set out career planning paths individually and pragmatically.


We perceive our differences yet meet each other on an equal footing. In this sense, we maintain a direct, open and constructive dialogue with each other. In particular, this also applies in challenging situations or stressful times. We master these times as a team, in respectful cooperation, supporting each other and complementing each other professionally and personally.
„At Serafin, a lot of emphasis is placed on professional and personal development initiatives - matching individual needs and the requirements of the specific role. This was the ideal transition for me from management consulting to an operational management position in one of our group companies.“
Nicolas von Stülpnagel, Manager Value Creation / Commercial Director BHS

Good to know

For experienced hires

At Serafin, demanding roles and challenging tasks await you – in various areas and industries. In any role, we demand and promote entrepreneurial thinking, ownership and initiative in all our positions. In short, with us you can actively contribute in every respect. Consequently, you will benefit from a wide range of development opportunities in a growing group of companies.

For students

Experience active entrepreneurship, gain insights into the management of medium-sized companies, work independently and follow a steep learning curve. This is your chance as an intern (m/f/d) or working student (m/f/d) at Serafin. We work together in small teams and in a spirit of trust. In addition to theory, you will gain valuable insights into practice and will have the opportunity to actively contribute. This is what distinguishes us as a fast-growing investor in medium-sized companies.

General tips for the application

Initially, your CV is sufficient for us, a cover letter is not required. If you are applying for a position that requires experience in management consulting, please send us a corresponding project list. This will enable us to make an initial assessment of whether your experience is a good match for us. If necessary, we will ask you for further information.

We attach little importance to self-promotion, but rather focus on the presentation of your experience and competences. We do not expect a “perfect match” with regard to our requirements. Professional and personal potential is decisive for us – we would be delighted to speak to applicants who convince us in this respect.

The recruiting process

At Serafin, you can expect a decision-making process that is transparent, fair, fast and sound. We attach great importance to this, as well as to prompt and intimate feedback. In addition to your professional competence, we also make sure that all our applicants are a personal and cultural fit with us and the respective team. This is why both line and HR managers are present during all personal interviews.

The general procedure:

  • The initial stage is a telephone interview with HR.
  • If general interest exists from our side, personnel diagnostic procedures with a focus on cognitive abilities and personality traits are next.
  • This is followed by an initial video interview with the potential line manager and HR. At this stage we provide detailed feedback on the results of the personnel diagnostics.
  • The next step is an interview on site with additional decision-makers from the respective department and HR. Depending on the position, further interviews or case studies may be necessary.
  • Subsequently, we will be in a position to make a decision and potentially an offer.

Your contact at Serafin

Alexander Roth
Member of the Management Team