RCR Industrial Flooring was formed in 2006 by two established European companies – Rinol and Rocland – to create a new force in the global industrial flooring industry.


  • Sales: €250 Mio.
  • Employees: 950
  • Sites: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Chile


Embedded in the group is more than 50 years of technical and market knowledge. RCR companies have been on the front line of industrial floor technology as have grown and developed over the years to become the only company in the world to offer a fully integrated industrial flooring service. RCR’s customer base includes leading global companies in the wholesale, retail, logistics, automotive and food sectors, among others.

„Serafin group gives us stability and capacity to develop a long term strategy for growth based on innovation. The Serafin team is also adding valuable feedback and expertise. Moreover the human aspect is elemental. We share the same values and feel part of a broader family.“
Emilio Esteban/CEO RCR Industrial Flooring