Serafin Group company RCR Industrial Flooring acquires SOLASTRA

Munich, April 11, 2022. The Serafin Group company RCR Industrial Flooring is strengthening its resin flooring offering with the acquisition of Alsace-based Solastra. With its headquarters in La Wantzenau, Solastra has an excellent reputation in the field of continuous flooring. Since 1984, Solastra has produced more than 6 million m2 of resin floors in a wide range of industrial sectors (mechanical engineering, electronics, food processing, health, etc.), logistics and also decorative floors for the tertiary sector.

Solastra's expertise is recognised by many loyal customers in the east of France, but also in Lyon, Paris and Lille, where Solastra has established agencies. Solastra is characterised by a high level of technical expertise in the use of different resin coating systems (epoxy, polyurethane, metacrylates, etc.) and a constant concern for quality.

The acquisition of Solastra by RCR Industrial Flooring is part of the group's positioning as the leading provider of ALL-IN-ONE solutions in the field of industrial flooring on the French market. Solastra will benefit from the support of our resin production company RINOL R&T as well as a strong synergy with the six other RCR group companies in France.

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